1 min readChina Deploys Facial Recognition To Limit Playing Games Among Youth

In this July 8, 2021 article published by The New York Times, Tiffany May and Amy Chang Chien report on a new strategy employed by Tencent, a Chinese internet conglomerate, to limit how much time people below 18 can spend playing video games.

The new initiative, called Midnight Patrol, will use facial technology to verify the ages of nighttime players. According to the report, Tencent has already deployed the technology on 60 of its apps. This has prompted 5.8 million users a day to show their faces while logging in, with 90% getting rejected from accessing their game accounts.

This announcement has set off a debate on Chinese platforms about the benefits and potential privacy risks of this technology, with some questioning how the data will be relayed to the authorities.

Editor’s Note: Do you agree that this is a good way of using facial identification technology? Will you install an app that has this capacity?

What potential dangers of this technology can you think of? [Here are a few we have already written about EU calls for ban of facial recognition, The trouble with facial recognition, This is how the FBI uses AI to identify, track, and round up dissidents, Concerns raised as Chinese surveillance tech spreads globally].

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