1 min readUS Justice Department readies anti-trust law suit against Google

Could this new law suit be the step towards reining in the power of Big Tech?

The Justice department will file a law suit against tech giant Google for  its “anticompetitive tactics to maintain and extend its monompolities in the market for general search services, search advertising and general search text advertising”.

By locking up deals with Apple and mobile carriers, the Justice department alleges that Google is choking up competition. Google’s actions, the Justice Department says, has stifled innovation, reduced choice, and diminished the quality of search services, and endanger consumer data privacy.

Editor’s Note: It is about time for governments to control Big Tech companies, especially now that they are starting to utilize their resources to weaponize information through unclear censorship policies. 

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U.S. Accuses Google of Illegally Protecting Monopoly

U.S. Accuses Google of Illegally Protecting Monopoly

A victory for the government could remake one of America’s most recognizable companies and the internet economy that it has helped define.

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