1 min readScience shows power of belief: Mere suggestion of side effects is enough to bring on negative symptoms

In this July 23, 2012 article for Smithsonian Magazine, Joseph Stromberg reports on a phenomenon called nocebo, a tendency opposite that of the placebo.

Stromberg summarizes in this article the results of a systematic review conducted by the Technical University of Munich in Germany which involved 31 studies on nocebo. They examined the underlying mechanisms and the problems it causes for doctors and researchers. They conclude that the nocebo effect is surprisingly common and should be taken into consideration by medical professionals.

Editor’s Note: This article shows us the power of our beliefs. It can either cure us or cause us harm. If our existence was purely physical, how is it possible for the human mind to reshape the physical body?

This article also shows us the dangers to some persuasion strategies like the fear appeal.[1]https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/emotional-nourishment/201809/fear-appeals Can you imagine what happens to a healthy person who is subjected to propaganda that he/she is in constant danger?

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