1 min readGermany is toying with China’s social credit system

In this June 28, 2021 article for Welt 25, Michael Mayrhofer comments on the August 2020 study published by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research which assessed the value and compatibility of a social credit system based on the Chinese model to German democracy. In this article. Mayrhofer cites some pages of the study, including one section which suggested that many Germans want a social credit system.

Editor’s Note: While there are no official plans to implement a social credit system in Germany, the conduct of such studies means that the possibility is being considered. The danger to this is that if something like this begins in Germany, there is a big chance that this idea will spread around the world.

What kind of a world would that be, if the value of each human being is measured by their capacity to follow rules? What happens to democracy, freedom, and liberty if a social credit system is implemented around the world?

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