2 min readHuman energy fields and their implications for health

The human organism is not a collection of molecules. Like the ocean, we are constantly changing, flowing, ebbing.

In this 2016 article published by The Scientific and Medical Network, we are introduced to a number of researches showing the the human organism is more than just a physical structure made up of molecules. Instead, we are composed of energy fields which are constantly changing and flowing.

Harold Burr one of the first scientists to have studied the human energy field (which he termed as Life Fields) have published over 90 articles on the subject. Meanwhile, Robert Becker used Burr’s studies to the next level and showed that the pattern for growth and development in living organisms were connected to electromagnetic fields associated with the nervous system. Several other researches have been cited by the study to support the idea of a unified field of energy which underlies the human body.

Editor’s Note: If we acknowledge the existence of the human energy field, then we will begin to look at health in a different way. Medicine must also be structured to look at the whole human being if it is to become truly about healing. The human energy field also highlights the drastic impact that 5G can do to humanity, not only in terms of health, but also our spiritual experience [see Lessons from the Global Consciousness Project and An interview with Dr. Bruce Greyson: Consciousness exists outside the brainto understand this idea better].

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The Human Energy Field – Scientific and Medical Network

The Human Energy Field – Scientific and Medical Network

Despite the recognition by modern medicine that electrophysical exchanges underlie most cellular activity, scant attention has been directed to the possible existence of a total or unified field or fields underlying the human organism. Such recognition might revolutionise modern medicine in the areas of causation, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This article briefly explores the work of five medical scientists. They were all bold enough to pursue investigations that indicated information for growth, disease and repair is transmitted by the total electro-magnetic field, and perhaps even by more subtle fields underlying the physical body.


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