1 min readAn interview with Dr. Bruce Greyson: Consciousness exists outside the brain

Dr. Bruce Greyson shows us that consciousness exists outside the brain. The evidences supporting this claim has been available for decades, but materialist science seeks to ignore its results.

In this interview with Richard Martini, Dr. Bruce Greyson adds his voice to the many researchers who maintain that the consciousness exists outside the brain [read Neuronal Activity Does Not Create Consciousness and Is Your Brain Necessary? for other insights regarding this topic].

Here, Greyson talks about the four evidences that debunks the materialist notion of consciousness as a byproduct of brain processes: the unexplained recovery of consciousness days or weeks before death of individuals who have been unconscious for a long time (ex. those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc.), complex consciousness among individuals with minimal brain tissue, the complex consciousness reported by those who experienced near death experiences (NDEs), and children who have reported memories of a past life. 

Implications for AI

If consciousness resides outside the brain, then there is a greater reality that we are largely unaware of. If the experience of death (as reported by those who experienced NDEs) enables one to experience a sense of revelation, a sense of peace and wellbeing, a sense of cosmic unity, a feeling of complete joy, then what need do we have for immortality? Wouldn’t we be more welcoming of death, knowing that it is not a deep, dark space of nothingness?

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