1 min readNeuronal activity does not create consciousness

Research shows that consciousness cannot simply be attributed to the brain’s neuronal activity.

In this article for the Journal of Conscious Studies, author Marek Majorek tries to answer the question: Does the brain cause conscious experience? By reviewing a number of other brain researches related to his topic, Majorek concluded that consciousness is not a by-product of the brain’s neuronal activity.

Implications for AI

If consciousness is not purely material, then where is it coming from? For materialists, this question is important because it will inform how they can develop robots to host the consciousness of humans [read the article on What Is Transhumanism? to know the context of this statement].

For us here at Fully Human, however, the answer to this question will provide a clue to the true nature of the human being. It will inform our relationship with machines, and other products that will come out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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