1 min readWhat is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is no longer a topic for sci-fi books and movies, it is slowly becoming a mainstream movement. This 2017 article from New Atlas looks at the various aspects of transhumanism, such as the history and philosophy behind it.

Defining Transhumanism

The term “transhuman” can be traced back to biologist and eugenist Julian Huxley. He used it to describe a utopian future where humanity has evolved and transcended its limitations.

In this modern era, transhumanism has become a widespread movement. It involves several emerging technologies, from genetic modification to AI. The idea behind it is always the same: transhumanists aim for a world where humans live longer, and where our physical capabilities are transformed with the aid of technology.

Why It Matters

This article from New Atlas discusses the various issues concerning transhumanism, its viability, and impacts to the society. Personalities behind this movement, as well as the existing technologies are also tackled.

This article also features videos from the series H+ which examines the transhumanist vision of the future. This article is pretty neutral, as it does not state whether the author is pro or against transhumanism. For this, the article provides a good introduction to transhumanism, an hopefully, promt you to continue learning and understanding this modern impulse.

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