2 min readThe Fourth Industrial Revolution: Its Risks and Benefits

In this February 4, 2022 article for The Pulse, Arjun Walia what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is, as well as the main concepts it wants to push.

Walia opens his article by introducing us to a quote made by Edward Barnay intimating that the true ruling power of our society is an invisible government that is molding, forming, and suggesting our tastes, thoughts, and ideas.

Walia also asks an important question that we must answer as a society: “Is this direction society seems to be propelling towards a result of human nature? Or is this a direction society is moving towards because the “99 percent” has been “herded” or pushed and influenced by the “1 percent”?

He goes on to explain the role of censorship and ridicule in a world where major populations are being herded into accepting a transhumanist future. Walia recognizes that the problem is not increasing technology, but rather, the consciousness and motives of leaders and the technological developments our society is creating.

Despite the systematic war on humanity, Walia believes that “[e]ach ‘event’ that pushes humanity further down this path of the “fourth industrial revolution” or “new world order” or “The Great Reset” is one that sparks a massive shift in human consciousness. People are “waking up” so to speak and asking more questions about the world, and why we live the way we do when we have the potential to create a human experience where everybody can thrive.”

Editor’s Note: All over the world, citizens are awakening to the dangers of The Great Reset, and mass protests are being organized organically.

We can say that the success of the pushback can be determined by how much governments double down on censorship and laws curtailing the freedom of speech [read HOW CENSORSHIP WORKS, Censorship has no place in a free society].

The good news is that because of the increasing censorship over the last two years, censorship-free platforms have been developed and are rapidly growing. People have also become aware of the capability of algorithms to “persuade” and hi-jack minds [see FACEBOOK WILL SUPPRESS “POLITICAL” CONTENT, ARE WE WITNESSING A NEW FORM OF DIGITAL COLONIZATION?, WHISTLEBLOWER SAYS THAT GOOGLE IS A HIGHLY BIASED, POLITICAL MACHINE. Also read THE INTERNET AND A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT].

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