1 min readCensorship has no place in a free society

In order for us to discover the truly and fully human, we must have access to all the information and insights developed and discovered by all of humanity. When people are able to access all sorts of information before they make a decision, can we truly say that the decision is free. 

It is in this spirit that I share to you a message written by Brian Rose, initiator of London Real. It is a call to action for those who believe that adults do not need to be coddled from information that may “hurt”. Please read his message and act based on your own principles and by the dictates of your inner knowing. 

Editor’s Note: Accepting censorship in any form of media is an acknowledgement that some of us cannot be trusted to make the right decision. It is an acceptance that we don’t all deserve to be treated equally. But if you believe in the right of every person to make their own choice, then you will understand when I say that censorship has no place in our society. 

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