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This online event will teach you the power of being present.

Finding inner peace and being present is a difficult task during ordinary days. But in these days of collective panic and fear, it is close to impossible. 

It is, however, during these times that we must consciously cultivate our mental and emotional wellbeing, no matter how difficult it gets. It is important now, more than ever, that we muster our inner resources, if we are transcend our current crisis. If we are to overcome this, we will overcome it together. 

The Mindfulness and Meditation Summit offers support to those who have been practicing for years, as well as those who are only just starting out. Through the help of world renowned mentors and speakers, this 4-day event hopes to inspire, and awaken participants to the power of mindfulness to change lives. 

The Mindfulness and Meditation Summit is a free online event which will be held on May 19-22, 2020. Visit the site below to learn about the program and to reserve your slot to the event. 

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