1 min readFinding our resilience in a time of crisis

In this webinar, Thomas Hubl offers to us some insights on how we can live in this age of crisis and pandemic.

In this time of multiple crises, many layers of collective trauma are being reactivated. We thought we had 12 years to prepare for the massive devastation due to the climate collapse. What we didn’t realize was that a highly infectious disease will shatter the institutions and processes in the societies we have built. How then will we uphold the truly human in the face of this crisis and pandemic? 

For Thomas Hubl, we must face this moment with presence. We must honor our fear of the uncertainties brought about the crisis, in order for us to awaken the resilience passed on to us by our ancestors who have survived pandemics and crises in the past. 

We must all choose to raise our awareness, create avenues for mutual support and collaboration, find a new vision for the world, and embody the full potential of the human being. To help facilitate this process, Hubl is hosting a webinar entitled Honoring Our Fear: Finding Our Resilience In A Time Of Crisis and Pandemic. The webinar will open on March 21, 2020 at 12 PM (LA) / 3:00 PM (New York) [Visit the following link if you wish to find your local time for this event: World Clock.]

The webinar may be accessed via Zoom on mobile or desktop, so make sure you download the app before the start of the event. Visit the link below to open the event page. 

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