1 min readThe role of postactivism in a world that is alive

Bayo Akomolafe once asked us, “what if the way we explain climate change is the problem?”. In this webinar series, he teaches us how to utilize the results of quantum experiments in understanding inter-being and its implications for understanding activism, change, and justice.

How can we use the ideas of quantum physics to advocate for transformation in our societies? Bayo Akomolafe [whose name became known in this 19-minute video address entitled Is There A Solution For Climate Change? The video may be viewed in the article Science And Non-Duality Summit: The Recorded Livestream] teaches us how, through this new workshop.

Akomolafe maintains that the world as we know it is dead, but like a phoenix, a new world is emerging. To usher in this transformation, he thinks that we, humans should learn new skills that will allow us to to survive a world of disruptive change. The goal is to rethink our ideas of activism, and to utilize and align what we know about indigenous systems, materialistic science, and the new explorations on the nature of nature.

The workshop, entitled Postactivism: The World Is Alive And That Changes Everything will be held for three sundays, from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM PST starting on February 9, 2020. To register, visit the link below. 

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