1 min readThe quest to prove that consciousness affects the physical world

Through this revolutionary research program, the Institute for Noetic Sciences wants to prove that our consciousness determine our reality.

In July 2019, the Institute of Noetic Sciences launched a research program that seeks to discover how consciousness affects the physical world. This article written by Helane Wahbeh discusses the methodology that will be used by the research, as well as the technologies that will be developed for the study. A team of neuroscientists, molecular biologists, physicists, and computer engineers will be tapped to explore the question of consciousness and material reality. 

Implications for AI

If we can prove scientifically that consciousness affects physical reality, the materialist theory that consciousness is physical will be refuted. Moreover, we will become more careful with our thoughts and intentions, and in the same manner, we will begin to re-evaluate our social realities so that they reflect our desire for a world that is just, compassionate, and enlightened. 

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