1 min readWhat are mindful market economies?

Will we be able to create an economic system that supports life?

In this article for Ratical, economist David Korten explores a new kind of economic system that is based on the findings of the new sciences. 

Korten says that the economic system we have today is the exact opposite of the system envisioned by Adam Smith 200 years ago. Our current economic system is exploitative, its institutions expropriating and    consuming the living energies of our people, communities, and the planet. 

Implications for AI

Throughout the world, the discoveries of the new sciences are seeping in to the various aspects of human life. We are now beginning to realize how distant from the ways of nature we have built our societies, but soon, all will turn [see The Great Turning]. Nature itself will teach us how it we can assert the unique capacities of the human being without compromising the integrity of all creations. David Korten shows us a glimpse of the kinds of institutions that can be built once we incorporate the findings of the new sciences in the way we live our lives. 

While it is true that our world is becoming chaotic everyday, we are also seeing a ray of hope. All over the world, initiatives for sustainable communities are being formed. Individuals are realizing their collective creative capacities. Institutions are re-directing their efforts towards socially, ethically, and ecologically sound practices. If these new initiatives are mainstreamed, the promises of AI and biotechnology will become secondary, because humanity will finally see that survival is not our only goal in life. 

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