2 min readAre we agreeing that governments can breach our fundamental human rights?

In this article for her website, Lynn McTaggart raises her concern for the rapidly disappearing democracy in the UK and in countries around the world. Through the “pandemic”, the relationship between government and citizens have changed, “it used to be the case that the government would have to demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a threat was great enough to justify depriving people of basic liberties, ‘Now the burden of proof has flipped’”.

The UK, really, the majority of the world, has adopted the “precautionary principle” where all kinds of costs can be incurred in anticipation of a future crisis. But McTaggart says that there is no indication that another coronavirus crisis is emerging. The science is not there. What is there, however, is people consenting to the taking away of their freedoms.

She closes her article with the following words: “If we don’t have agency over our own bodies, if we don’t have the right to debate, to disagree, to protest or to demand the government justify its actions, if our media has abandoned its role of holding government to account, and is actually protecting it against any sort of criticism, then we don’t have a democracy anymore. And if we ourselves are voting for all this in opinion polls, then we are in big trouble, my friend”.

Editor’s Note: We used to speculate in our articles of a time when human freedoms will be taken away and replaced by advanced and centralized technology. We thought it was going to be in a far distant future, and that there was much that could still be done to prevent such an eventuality. We thought that because of the internet and the free flow of information, people would be able to discern when they are being manipulated and programmed. But then we forgot about fear and the power it holds over people.

We think that these days, fear is holding our societies hostage. And only through deep inner work, will people be able to break through and finally see the lies. The time to implement what we know about subtle activism has come [see What is subtle activism?].

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