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2 min read24 world leaders call for a pandemic treaty

World leaders are calling for a pandemic treaty. Could this lead to a one-government world?

The following article published by Richie Allen on his website last March 30, 2021, is a scathing reaction to an article from Telegraph entitled Exclusive: World Leaders Call for Pandemic Treaty.

Allen highlights some of the more important points from the Telegraph article which includes an international settlement to prepare for the next international health crisis. World leaders wanted the new treaty to be rooted in the World Health Organization’s constitution. The treaty, they say would enable countries to “be better prepared to predict, prevent, detect, assess and effectively respond to pandemics in a highly coordinated fashion.”

Allen goes on to criticize this proposal, saying, “International treaties are about one thing and one thing only, that is, concentrating power in the hands of a tiny elite. It’s what globalists have been working towards for decades.”

Editor’s Note: We must remember that there have been attempts at international cooperation for decades. There was the failed Bretton Woods System which created the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) which pushed for a globalized world. We know from our study of the political economy how the IMF and WB, funded by the world’s most powerful nations, used the structural adjustment programs (SAP) to coerce poor nations into agreeing to problematic economic policies. Current assessments of IMF and WB policies have revealed that the SAPs have led to widespread poverty and suffering. Other issues relating to the IMF and WB is the conditionality they have attached to the “loans” they give which prioritizes loan repayments over the actual development of a country.

We know how the natural resources of poor nations are exploited for profit, despite the existence of international climate accords. Our world knows about international cooperation, and it almost always boils down to a few rich countries dictating and manipulating the entire world.

Whenever we hear of calls for unification of world systems, we must always remember history. We must always ask: how much influence will rich nations have in the decision-making? Will the voices from the poor nation be heard?

If we are only to base our experiences of extensive censorship and manipulation during the “pandemic” year, then we can say with certainty, a pandemic treaty is only a cover for a more sinister agenda.

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