1 min readThe Internet of Bodies and the battle for our genes

The battle for our humanity has began.

The following is an article written by Makia Freeman published by the Activist Post on March 8, 2021. In it, Freeman discusses The Great Reset’s plan to hack the human body so that it can become a biosensor, which in turn, opens a new method for mind control.

Freeman goes on to discuss how the COVID emergency was used as a smokescreen for the real technocratic agenda – “the fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”.

Editor’s Note: To fully appreciate the discussions made by Freeman in this article, we recommend you read A technocrat’s paradise: The new normal.

Predictions we have made about the plan to create a silicon body is being openly discussed by transhumanist elites. And as Freeman has said, many of these developments are not for the greater good, as it will reduce most of us into creatures of bondage. We will be imprisoned by a new caste system that is technologically based. [In the transhumanist movement, some people are expendable, read Radical life extension is not meant for everybody].

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