1 min readDr. Zach Bush: We can rebuild a nation built on integrity

The following is a Facebook post shared by Dr. Zach Bush on his public profile following the events at Capitol Hill. In it, reiterates that the future of our societies and our species lie in our hands. He says that beyond ethics, morality, and belief lies an a stronger foundation with which we must build our future – integrity.

Editor’s Note: It is easy to feel anger when all the structures of our societies start to crumble before our eyes. But it is during this moment when we must remember to take a step back, and to listen to what is emerging. Only then will be able to make decisions and actions that support the change towards a society that is biodiverse and life-giving.

The structures of power in America are crumbling. But we, the people, must step out of the fray.

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The instability that we see unfolding in our nation’s capital is a very predictable symptom of a collapsing empire. The violence is in direct proportion to the suppression of the military state and…


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