1 min readCommunity succeeds in stopping cell tower construction at playground in South Carolina

When communities push back, governments listen.

In this December 31, 2020 article for the 5G Crisis website (a project of Americans for Responsible Technology) reports on a recent success in South Carolina.

As of writing, Beacon/Stetler Communications withdrew its application to erect a cell tower at a playground in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. The withdrawal came as the proposal faced widespread opposition from the community.

The withdrawal meant that the company cannot file another application to construct in the same site for atleast another year.

Editor’s Note: This good news shows that when communities band together, they can stop the projects which does not serve citizen welfare.

Despite their success, however, communities must realize that they cannot let down their guard. These internet companies have large resources which they can use to buy their way into other sites.

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