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The Great Turning may be nearing its completion. As our lives becomes more chaotic, new opportunities for upholding life and and the sacred present itself.

On the day after the Seattle protests of 2010, Joanna Macy took time off to speak with Yes! editor Sarah Ruth van Gelder. The following article is a transcript of that interview. 
In it, Macy defines what The Great Turning is, as well as the three dimensions that signify its presence. Macy says that “The Great Turning” is a symptom of the increasing search for authenticity, of more people who are wanting to take responsibility for the political and spiritual decisions they make. 

While this article is already a decade old, it remains relevant today because it is the beginning of the process that is already nearing its peak today. It offers to us a vision of what is to come, and hope of how the future might look like.

Implications for AI

“The Great Turning“ is gaining momentum and will probably reach its peak in the next few years. Macy tells us that we must look forward to the transformations that are bound to happen with the completion of this natural process – the reclamation of the sacred in our lives. 

As our social institutions begin to crumble, we are forced to look within, to re-assess what is important and necessary for humanity to thrive. Macy reminds us that the goal is not to live in the spiritual – that disconnects us from the real process of transformation happening to our planet. Instead, it is about finding the balance between dwelling in the immanence of the spiritual, and living in the constraints of our physical existence. 

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