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1 min readSpiritual exercises for social activists

The world is in chaos, and the task ahead of us is great. Joanna Macy says that we must continue to cultivate our spirituality so that we may gain a much greater carrying capacity for societal transformation.

In 1982, writer, lecturer, and spiritual leader Joanna Macy wrote Taking Heart: Spiritual Exercises for Social Activists with the goal of helping social activists find the inner strength to continue their work despite the desperate needs of our time. While this may seem like an “old” article, Macy’s work is even more important in this age, as our societies are beset with various social, political, cultural, economic, and environmental concerns. 

Implications for AI

Macy’s article shows us that the only way we can continue the human spirit burning despite the chaos of the world is through the cultivation of our spiritual life. When we realize that human existence is a part of a blueprint that has a much deeper purpose, we will regain our inspiration, power, and will to continue our work. We begin to gain hope for a much brighter future for humanity. 

When we learn to reconnect with our inner power, and unite with another’s innate capacities for transforming one’s self and their environment, we gain a much greater power to direct evolution. 

When we all realize that human capacities are much greater than the tools that we create, we will realize that no AI can create a much better future than the creativity of a united human community. 

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