1 min readWhy materialism cannot explain consciousness

Because we are unable to define what matter is, a materialist explanation of consciousness is untenable.

How can materialism insist that consciousness is reducible to matter, when the best theories that explain how matter behaves cannot explain to us what matter is? 

In this article for Aeon, astrophysicist Adam Frank says that while most fields of science insists on a materialist explanation for various phenomenon, physicists know that this position in untenable. Using the work of quantum physicists such as Schrodinger, Heisenberg, and Neils Bohr, Frank attempts to shed light on the various interpretations of quantum physics. He also tries to explain how each of these many explanations fail to grasp the real implications of quantum physics in the way we perceive matter. 

Implications for AI

Here is a physicist who says it like it is. Why do we think we can explain anything through materialism when we can’t even explain what matter is? Our insistence on using this worldview to explain our realities is infantile, and it disregards the results of quantum physics. Adam Frank shows us with such clarity why we need to be open to new explanation of phenomena. By doing so can we begin to understand and consolidate the existence of psi or the paranormal, a reality that is beyond the physical.

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