1 min readWhy are we building robot priests?

Can we trust machines to have a hand in our connection to the divine?

Should we allow robots to have any hand in human spirituality? In this article for Medium, David O’Hara explores how robot priests could change the way we define and connect to the divine. He says that while we can never be sure that a machine can have a true mystical experience, there is danger that we, humans believe that it can, and when that happens, he asks, are we sure we can trust them? 

O’Hara says that every technology we have developed carries its own negativity, and it changes the way we view our own lives. Can machines really offer an emphatic companionship or does it offer a kind of care that embodies our lack of care for those who need it? 

O’Hara says that the tools we build amplify our motivations. In building robot priests, it is important that we clarify what our intentions are. 

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