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In this Kosmos interview with Jeremy Lent, we are introduced to the idea that humans have an innate need and capacity to find patterns. And it is in this patterning (a term introduced by Lent himself) that we find our meaning. 

Lent says that when transformations happen in societies, they occur in drastic ways. As a result, human societies must adapt to the new conditions using the patterns they have learned in the past, and a new world view arises. He places the reductionist mindset as a response to the European conquest of the world which was made possible by agriculture and the accumulation of resources. 

Lent says that our civilization will experience another drastic shift, and proceeds to offer three potential directions of transformation, 

Implications for AI

In the second scenario of transformation, the techno-split trajectory, we see the role of AI and transhumanism directly. Lent shows us why those in power right now, particularly those who are in the forefront of technology, do not feel that there is a crisis happening. He sees the techno-split trajectory as the greatest moral crime of humanity. 

Kosmos writer Rhonda Fabian says that this scenario is even more alarming than a total planetary collapse, because it can be seen as the ultimate test of humanity. 
Indeed, if we fail this test, then it means thay we are not worthy to continue carry the evolution of the world. 

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