1 min readThe 10 economic insights of Rudolf Steiner

Money is the spirit in action. How does the spirit flow in the economic systems we have created?

How do we use the concepts of post-materialist sciences in the area of economics? This article by C. Otto Scharmer for the Kosmos Journal introduces us to the revolutionary ideas of Rudolf Steiner on economics. Through these 10 insights, Scharmer hopes that a new economic thinking that is in touch with the social, ecological, and spiritual realities of our time. 

Implications for AI

Many of the issues we have with technology today [see addicitive tech, leak of Data or privacy issues, loss of jobs] stems from an economic system that is based on a mindset of competition. And because this mindset is a legacy of the materialist worldview, economics, in the way we do it today, has taken the “soul” of the field. Instead of becoming a vehicle for unity, economics has become a purveyor of competition and division. 

Rudolf Steiner’s insights on the economy are important because it will require us to utilize all that we have learned from the post-materialist sciences and embody it in the way we use money. And because capital and money are the realized spirit, once we change the way we utilize them, we bring a new level of creativity that can serve as an impetus for transformation of our communities, if not the whole of humanity. 

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