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1 min readFreeing science from materialism

To break free from materialism, we must leap in faith, hoping that we can encounter the truth.

The following article written by Rupert Sheldrake for the Explore Journal is an accompaniment to his controversial 2013 TED talk [read Rupert Sheldrake’s Banned TED Talk]. It discusses the 10 core beliefs of scientific materialism, and its implications to the way we try to understand our universe. Sheldrake also expounds on the assumptions made by the materialism mindset and why it is experiencing a credibility crunch. If you have seen the video and have been wishing to get a deeper discussion on the topic of scientific materialism, then read the attached article.

Implications for AI

Materialism as a worldview is crumbling, but some scientists, typically devout materialists, are fighting to keep this mindset the dominant one in science. But they are not winning. 

As new researches confirm the existence of a “field” [see David Bohm And Rupert Sheldrake On Morphic Fields And The Implicate Order, How Each Individual Can Help Transform “The Field”] we are also awakening to the reality that AI, the greatest embodiment of materialism, has two potentials. It can make life and daily living more purposeful for humans, or it could lead us to the greatest injustice ever created by human creativity and ingenuity. The difference in the result depends on the intention behind the creation.

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