1 min readHow each individual can help transform “the field”

Our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions emit energetic fields. If your day feels that everything is going wrong, it is becaus you are creating a negative field environment. This article will help you transform your day so that it ends better than it started.

You may just be one person, but you have the capacity to change the world. This article from Heart Math Institute returns the power for transformation to the individual – if we wish to for people in a collective to have heart-based communication, for energies in meetings to be upbeat and inspiring, we must take the initiative to prepare the field environment for such. The article offers to us some steps on how to do this, and explains to us that this “field” encompasses not just collectivities, but the entire planet. 

The article also shows us that “sending love” to our family and friends can shift the recipient’s energy, and in the same way, sending loving care to Mother Earth, and imagining the way we want the planet to be makes a whole lot of difference.

Implications for AI

The following article is an application of the researches in quantum mechanics, new biology, and even spirituality. It shows us that sometimes, the solution to our differences is not technology, but rather, a deep understanding of who we are as human beings, and the innate power we possess. The strength of our will and our hearts will bend physical and social realities towards transformation.

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