1 min readOn social breakdown and initiation: A conversation between Charles Eisenstein and Orland Bishop

The most successful movements are those that began in service of the sacred.

For Orland Bishop, societies were created because people wanted to realize a collective intention. But how do we reconstruct a society when all of the social structures that allowed it to flourish in the first are already disintegrating? 
Bishop reminds us that many movements of the past began with a spiritual conception seeking for change that is in service of the sacred. Any other motivation harms societies because they create frameworks of limitations and disconnections. 

Implications for AI

Materialism and the AI Revolution cannot work because the problem it addresses are based only on the notion that all of reality is physical. Despite the dream of some developers to resolve all of the world’s problems, we know, based on history and current literature, that AI will only exacerbate the problem. 

Materialism, as the worldview that fuels AI research, disregards the deep purpose of suffering, and its work is not rooted in the quest for a collective striving. Why then do AI developers find it so difficult to resolve the alignment challenge [and yet leaders of world religions have been united for years in Creating A Global Ethic]? Why then do transhumanists choose who can take advantage of life extension technologies [Radical Life Extension Is Not Meant For Everybody], and why is there so much hate for our species [Transhumanists Want Homo Sapiens To Become Extinct and The Three Epochs Of Human Evolution]?

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