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1 min readDavid Bohm and Rupert Sheldrake on morphic fields and the implicate order

David Bohm and Rupert Sheldrake both have theories about the morphogenetic field. In this conversation, they enhance each other’s theories by clarifying their assumptions and sharing their unique ideas.

The attached article was originally published in 1982 by the ReVision journal. In it, David Bohm and Rupert Sheldrake clarifies their own ideas of the morphic field, the factors that affect it, and its implications to nature. 

Through this conversation, Sheldrake and Bohm finds that their ideas complement each other in that complexities in one theory is typically answered by the other. Quantum mechanics became helpful in this sense because it is the language that unites the two theories and it provides the mechanism by which the morphogenetic field can exist.

Bohm notes however that despite the merits of quantum mechanics, this modern science has its weaknesses. For example, quantum mechanics does not consider time and deals with one observation only. Hence, it would not be able to account for the cumulative effect of past forms – an important aspect of the ordering capacity of the morphogenetic field as proposed by both Bohm and Sheldrake. 

Implications for AI

The conversation between Sheldrake and Bohm shows us that discoveries in various fields of the sciences are interconnected. Sheldrake and Bohm has modeled to us a new way of realizing scientific facts. They have shown us that replicability, an important aspect of the scientific method, can manifest in a different way. 

The scientific method still remains as strong tool for understanding nature. But it must not be used alone. Conversations, dialogues with individuals from different fields of studies will enable us to sift through the numerous information accessible to us. Only when we listen to the thoughts of others, when we make time to hear other truths do we increase our own wisdom.

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