1 min readWhy you might never be able to upload your brain to a computer

It has been seven years since transhumanist George Dvorsky wrote this landmark article on mind uploading, but despite the improvements in science and technology, his points remain true as ever.

In 2013, transhumanist and bioethicist George Dvorsky published the following article, much to the chagrin of his followers. In it, he mentions eight of the more scientific, philosophical, and ethical issues related to mind uploading. Take note Dvorsky did not specifically state that he believes that mind uploading can never happen, he just says that the eight reasons he mentioned are valid points, and must be addressed before a real technology for mind uploading can be considered. 

Implications for AI

Many of the concerns raised by Dvorsky in this article have remained unaddressed, despite the advances made in science and technology. Perhaps this is the reason why conversations on mind uploading are not as prevalent as artificial general intelligence and human-machine integration. 

Is this an acceptance of the non-physical nature of the human mind? How will transhumanists reconcile this with materialism?

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