1 min readDoes objective reality exist?

A new experiment shows us that quantum observers are entitled to their own facts. The truth for one may change for the other.

For researchers Alessandro Fedrizzi and Massimiliano Proietti, there is no such thing as objective facts. This pronouncement comes as a result of Fedrizzi and Proietti’s experiment which showed that the results of experiments vary depending on who the observer is. 

The following article published by Futurism introduces to us the methods utilized by Fedrizzi and Proietti for their quantum experiment. Results of the experiment are also summarized. 

Implications for AI

This article drives the point home: no one person has the monopoly of reality. Even scientific facts, said to be derived with the strictest of methodologies is not exempted. What is it that makes one reality different from the other? Based on Fedrizzi and Proitetti’s work, we can say that it is our level of consciousness (which may be affected by our current knowledge, experiences, and other factors).

While the physical realm is common to all of us, there are those whose consciousness have awakened to another reality that is not yet detectable by our scientific instruments. Scientific researches show a commonality among those who experience this reality: the feeling of unity with all of existence, of deep peace, and deep love. Perhaps such a reality is difficult for us to accept because we are unable to experience it yet, but we cannot explain them away simply because we do not have the tools needed to explore them.

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