1 min readImants Baruss and Julia Mossbridge speak about the Transcendent Mind

Imants Baruss and Julia Mossbridge’s book shows us that materialism is declining and is being replaced by a more integral theory of matter and consciousness.

In this 2016 interview by Ron Teeter, Imants Baruss and Julia Mossbridge speak about their book, Transcendent Mind: Rethinking The Science of Consciousness. Baruss and Mossbridge tries to summarize the various points they raise in the book – the transcendent mind and the paradigm shift being offered by modern consciousness studies, the idea that consciousness is fundamental and matter secondary, the separation of the mind and brain, and their motivations for writing the book. 

Two of the most important points raised by Baruss and Mossbridge relate directly to the materialist worldview: (1) that materialist scientists are trying to dismiss consciousness because they are afraid of something; and (2) most scientists who believe in the primacy of consciousness are forced to stay silent in order to avoid reprisals. 

Implications for AI

Materialist science has been politicized. It is no longer about finding truth, but about the truth as accepted by those who have power and influence. For if this were not the case, why are scientists with a postmaterialist worldview being ridiculed and castigated despite the rigorous experimental methods and evidences they find? Why are the results of these post-materialist researches, especially those mentioned by Baruss and Mossbridge in theIr book, not the content of scientific curricula in countries? 

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