1 min readThe seven questions that unite science and religion

The debate between science and religion is long over. In fact, the conversation today centers on the complementary answers of science and religion to the world’s mysteries.

The following is an excerpt of an article written by science writer Fred Heeren for the Christian Research Journal. It features seven questions that has been answered by both science and the Bible (note that Heeren is also a Christian evangelist). Heeren notes that the answers science and the Bible provide are actually complementary to each other. 

Implications for AI

It is easy for materialists to discount the gospel of evangelists, but when evangelists begin to talk like scientists, it is important that we take notice. Scientists often simply explain phenomenon, and do not bother to interpret how their discoveries can connect to other scientific facts. But when brought together in the way Heeren did in this article, we begin to see a pattern in the results.

As a disclaimer, we would like to state that this website is non-sectarian. We do not promote one religion, though we realize that religion can be another method of research for some people. But the points Heeren has raised in this article is important, and by reading, we hope that you too, begin to question what you know about human nature and the purpose of our existence. 

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