2 min readThis is what can happen when we begin to live the New Story

If we truly want to transform our societies, we must be willing to leave the safe and the comfortable.

This article may have been written primarily as a reflection of a 2014 conference called the New Story Summit, but it is as relevant today as it is then. By looking at the events and activities of the summit in a much bigger lens, Charles Eisenstein likens them to what is happening to our society. He says that the quest for a new story for our civilization will lead us first to a state of chaos. Only when we are able to overcome this stage will we be able to emerge a new narrative.

Implications for AI

Eisenstein stresses that this stage of chaos is uncomfortable, and all the institutions that hold peace within our societies will need to be dismantled so that we can explore new organizations and processes. 

Such chaos cannot simply be dealt by authority, or structural solutions. We must, individually choose to go beyond the limits of the structures, and to have the courage to step into the unknown in order to try something different. Current structures can only serve us if we choose to give up control, and comfort. 

This is why AI is bound to be destructive for our societies, and to the values, we humans, hold dear. Because AI is simply an extension of the old story disguised as a new narrative. It is a tool for greater control [see France Enters the AI RaceChina Plans To Use AI For Internet Censorship for examples], and any change that can happen within this framework will not be authentic. It will not serve to liberate the full human being. 
We crave for the healing of our societies, but do we have the courage to claim it? Do we have the strength and humility to strive towards a future that we all desire?

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