2 min readThe search for proof of the string theory

Why are scientists ready to accept the string theory despite its lack of evidence but they remain skeptical of the post-materialist sciences?

In this article for Live Science, astrophysicist Paul Sutter offers to us a short history of the search for proof of the string theory – the idea that all of reality can be explained by one-dimensional objects called strings. According to the theory, these strings propagate and interact with each other to create all that which we are able to observe today. 

Even with decades of research, there is still no fundamental description of the theory, and the solutions being proposed today are poorly understood. Why then, does the string theory persist despite violating some of the fundamental assumptions of classical physics? For Sutter, the small developments in the field keep scientists engaged.

Implications for AI

If scientists spend time and resources in exploring the string theory despite its many complications (inconsistency with classical physics, the lack of technology to accurately measure the results of experiments, the need for many dimensions in order for the results to make sense), why can’t they accept the reality of psi phenomena, non-physical human consciousness, and the power of the human heart? 

Based on our own researches, we can offer a few answers to this question. For one, scientists are forced to work on researchers that are acceptable for the scientific community in order to financially support themselves. This prevents them from finding conceptual breakthroughs that could potentially debunk established scientific facts which the scientific community isn’t yet ready to let go [see Why Are Scientific Breakthroughs Uncommon?]. Second, researchers simply ignore the evidence showing that there is a reality that is beyond our physical senses [Why Won’t Scientists Look At The Data On Reincarnation?]. Lastly, scientists are hooked on studying topics that support their own belief system [see The Real Threat To Science].

Our science is broken, and yet despite the evidences supporting this claim, we choose to uphold a belief system that is contrary to our nature and life purpose. What is preventing our societies from making the shift?

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