1 min readThe real threat to science

For every question science answers, a million more is generated. When will the cycle end?

In this article written by David Paul Gontar, he says that science is nowhere near discovering the truth about nature, and it is our very nature that prevents us from doing so. Gontar says that humanity’s tendency to interpret patterns based on our beliefs is the biggest threat to cosmology. Our inability to discover what had caused the Big Bang, and what the universe is made of is due to the fact that the categories we have created to understand the universe is at odds with the very nature of things. 

Implications for AI

The way we interpret how the world works depends on the “hardware” we use to view and perceive it. Our physicists are unable to find a Unified Theory because our brains can only comprehend the small parts of a much bigger reality. This is also the reason why our sciences continue to discover new mysteries, and generate new questions, and our technologies create unintended consequences. As long as we do not accept that humans have senses and capacities that are not bound to the physical, we will keep discovering new concepts and tools that does not contribute to our life purpose and meaning. 

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