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The solution to the world’s problems is not AI, it is us, awakening to our purpose.

In this article, Joan Tollifson deals with the perennial question: should change makers focus on political activism or spiritual awakening? At one point in her life, Tollifson has engaged in political activism herself,  but says that her focus has changed in the last few years. Tollifson says that these days, she feels that spirituality and awakening, being present in the moment, discovering our true nature, is the greatest gift we can offer the world. 

Implications for AI

Spirituality is changing from a largely passive activity to one that is relevant in the future of the planet and humanity [read Spirituality As A Catalyst For Change to dig deeper on this subject]. It is no longer about believing in one god, or having the same rituals and traditions, but rather, about respect, compassion, and justice. People today are awakening to the real meaning of being human, and with it, the acceptance of our universality and individuality. With this awakening, we are slowly realizing that AI has a different role in the world. It cannot replace the human being, but if it is not regulated, it can lead to unintended consequences that has deep implications for the new society we are trying to create. We now understand that AI is not the solution to our problem. Rather, it is our awakening to our own purpose that will make a better future for humanity.

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