1 min readWhat is the Global Consciousness Project?

The Global Consciousness Project offers us hope in this seemingly hopeless times.

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) was developed to test two hypotheses. Firstly, that there is a global consciousness that connects all of humanity, and secondly, that this global consciousness can interact with physical systems.

Since its establishment in 1998, the GCP data results have shown that large scale group consciousness can affect the physical world. The attached article summarizes the story of the GCP, it’s research methodology, and some results of its researches.

Implications for AI

The Global Consciousness Project drives home the point that human consciousness, when united towards one goal can transform and transcend the physical form. Materialists would have us believe that our situation is hopeless – what with widespread poverty, depleted natural resources, and the climate crisis. But the GCP gives us hope. If we realize the power of our consciousness, and we all unite towards one goal, we will be able to resolve all the problems that beset us today. But to do that, we must ask an important question: what is the future we want to create? 

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