1 min readThe search for the immutable laws of nature

In this article, astrophysics professor Adam Frank explores this very important question: is the search for
immutable laws of nature a wild goose chase?

In this 2010 article for Discover Magazine, Adam Frank introduces us to the ideas of four scientists, which when proven, will show us that the immutable laws of nature may not be immutable at all [in the article How Nature Builds A Planet Frank explains that our current technology is showing us that planets do not form the same way, hence debunking at least one law of physics]. Timeless laws of physics may not exist, and a theory of everything such as the string theory may never be proven. 

Implications for AI

The entire philosophy behind transhumanism and the push for AI stems from the belief that the First Cause [see Archetypes Of Creation to know what this means] can be discovered, and a new world can be created, with humanity as the main architect. And though our science and technology continues to advance, we are no close to understanding the diversity that is on earth and in the universe. 

This essentially means one thing: by pushing for a future that relies heavily on one technology, artificial intelligence, we disregard the other possibilities offered to us by nature. By continuing on this path of materialism, we are not only ensuring our demise as a species, we are also effectively writing out the future that nature has in store for us. 

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