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Modern cosmology is no more than the retelling of the five archetypes of creation narratives of spiritual traditions.

In this article for Orbiter, Marcelo Gleiser shows us that when it comes to discovering the First Cause – the cause that caused everything else – science and religion are profoundly enmeshed. He tells us of the five archetypes of creation narratives from various cultures, and then shows us how modern cosmology are re-surfacing these archetypes, this time cloaked in mathematics and desktop simulations. 

Gleiser says that scientific narratives remain unable to make sense of the nature of the First Cause due to the very nature of scientific inquiry, which requires a conceptual framework of how the First Cause model can exist. Such a framework requires that we already understand the laws that hold time, energy, space, and matter together. And as our scientists still grapple with the question of dark matter and dark energy, all we know of the First Cause are assumptions and narratives. 

Implications for AI

The discovery of the First Cause is important for science because it will give us ultimate control of our physical world. Now that we are faced with the climate emergency and social issues such as poverty, hunger, wars, and other types of discrimination, many think that all these issues can be solved once we discover the physical basis of all creation. 
But as Gleiser has shown us, we are far from this discovery.

How shall we live our lives then, faced with the possible extinction of our species [some scientists believe that this is an inevitable consequence of our technology, to learn more read The End Of Accelerating Change]? Will we cower in fear of the future, hoping that AI and mind uploading can save us? Or will we reclaim the power that lay hidden within each of us as co-creators of this universe? 

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