2 min readHuman beings as a chaotic system

The human body is a complex, dynamic system, whose rules are dominated by chaos.

The human body is not a machine, it is a complex, chaotic system. In this article, Crystal Ives talks about the various aspects of chaos, as well as the characteristics of fractals.

Through such discussion, Ives moves on to expound on the fractal quality of human physiology, the heart, and the mind. 
Ives maintains that in the case of the human body and mind, order represents disease. In ita linear system, such as when order is present in the body, small jolts can cause shocks. Meanwhile, in a non-linear system, jolts become common place, and the human mind and body knows that such changes can be resolved without leading to stress. 

Implications for AI

Chaos theory shows us that we might be able to create a physically human system through embodied AI, but we will not be able to replicate the innate creativity embedded within our physiology, and our minds. 

When we try to solve disease, we merely are resolving one symptom, not making the human being healthy. Take for example the case of gene editing [read Homo superior]. If all we gain the capacity to choose the best genes to develop the smartest, healthiest, and strongest human, how will our society look like? 

The form and function of the human being today is currently the most creative and intelligent form. If we are to evolve into the next most creative and intelligent form, it can only be done by understanding how the forces of nature work with human nature. The diseases we acquire are part of the challenges that humanity must overcome. And death? Death is merely another door to be opened [article on near death experiences], another journey to take. 

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