1 min readRupert Sheldrake’s banned TED Talk

Rupert Sheldrake’s TED talk was relegated to a corner of the TED’s website and stamped with a warning label. What was in the talk that had materialists running for cover?

In 2013, Rupert Sheldrake gave an 18-minute talk entitled The Science Delusion which talked about science as a belief system. It discussed the 10 dogmas held by materialistic science, and introduced the idea of morphogenetic fields. Sheldrake says that the materialistic worldview has constricted scientific inquiry and has prevented us from truly understanding the world. As you watch this video, pay attention to Sheldrake’s criticism of materialistic science and ask yourself: are there evidences that point to this ideas?

Implications for AI

The banning of Science of Delusion is proof of the kind of attack scientists with post-materialist worldview receive when they directly criticize the conduct of modern science. What other truths have been suppressed by scientists because they didn’t conform to the commonly accepted one? How can we hope to create a better world for the world’s populations if our science is bias and outdated? Whose interests does materialist science serve? 

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