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The natural curiosity of scientists enables them to encounter mystical experiences in the various circumstances of their work. The question is: are they courageous enough to face and accept a new world view that challenges the way they were trained and educated?

In this 16-minute video produced by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, physicist Gabriel Guerrer talks about how his mindset shifted from materialism, to one that has opened to the reality of mystical experiences. Guerrer says that it is time for science to look deeper into these mystical experiences, into the nature of consciousness and its role in all the sciences, in order to discover what is missing in the current picture. 

Implications for AI

Exploring the reality behind mystical experiences will bring science back to the discovery of the real nature of the world. It will make the scientific endeavor, even the hardest of all sciences, meaningful again. Accepting the fundamental role of consciousness in the creation of the world brings us to an interesting worldview that has an ontological basis.

This video is important because it shows us a journey of a materialist scientist, into one with a post-materialist worldview.

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