1 min readThe Confusion Between Intelligence, Consciousness, and Sentience Will Lead To Destructive AI

What is the difference between intelligence, consciousness, and sentience? In this July 2022 article, Anton Krutz explores how these three concepts are often conflated, leading to misunderstandings. Krutz author emphasizes that intelligence is the ability to process information, while consciousness is the capacity to be aware of one’s existence and surroundings. Sentience, on the other hand, involves the ability to experience sensations and emotions. The article aims to clarify these terms to foster a better understanding of the complexities of human and artificial intelligence.

Krutz goes on to discuss the three main differences between artificial and natural intelligence and says that confusion about these fundamental differences can lead to destructive AI.

Editor’s Note: The article seems to be a response to the claims that Google has created a sentient AI. We encourage you to read this article if you wish to get a good overview of the major differences between AI and human intelligence.

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