2 min readA new conceptual model of mind, reality, and psi

How will a mathematician make sense of the emerging discoveries of the post-materialist sciences, the string theory, and classical physics?

In this 52-page article written by Ben Goertzel for the Journal of Nonlocality, he attempts to create a new model of reality which seeks to utilize the discoveries of the post-materialist sciences, including psi research, and string theory.

Goertzel introduces to us euryphysics, which includes and goes beyond the physical universe. In this new model, Goertzel asserts that in the eurycosm (the multiverse/multiverse embedded in the various dimensions), consciousness is a basic property, and psi phenomena, as we observe them today, is a manifestation of non-local consciousness. 

Goertzel begins his discussion of euryphysics by exploring the 23 principles of eurycosm, which are stated both in layman and mathematical terms. He then continues to explain the psi phenomena, morphic resonance, and the hard problem of consciousness using the euryphysical properties he introduced.

Take note that some parts of this article is very technical and are explained mathematically, but Goertzel attempted to translate the language in simpler terms to help the lay reader navigate his ideas.

Implications for AI 

This article is a long read, but it is important because it recognizes that the old materialist paradigm is obsolete. Instead of completely disregarding all of the discoveries of the “old” sciences, Goertzel’s work attempts to consolidate that which is still true from the old paradigm to what is newly emerging. This is an important task, the consolidation, given that the abundance of (sometimes conflicting) information has led us to lose our bearings. If we hope of moving forward with science without reverting to dogmatism, this is the kind of openness we will need to see from our scientists and theorists. 

Take note, however, that despite this lengthy work, Goertzel has only touched on the small aspect of reality. There is so much more that needs to be added here, more researches that need to be conducted, in order for a new model of reality to be created. But it is a step in the right direction, and is a testament that humanity is needed to make sense of the world. AI may help us discover new things, but only a human mind will be able to find the hidden meanings of these new discoveries.

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