1 min readHow physics would have to change for ESP

Russell Targ is convinced that extra sensory perception is real, and that every individual has a capacity to train and access their hidden capacities.

This article by Yasmin Tayag for Inverse features physicist and psi researcher Russel Targ, who is known for his studies on remote viewing. Targ is convinced that extra sensory perception is real. In fact, he was able to construct a new theory of physics which allows psychic abilities to work.

Implications for AI

Targ and Sheldrake’s experience [see Rupert Sheldrake’s Banned TED Talk] shows us how materialist scientists fight to keep their hold on the conduct of modern science. By censoring results of scientific studies that do not conform to the acceptable truths, materialism has prevented real science from progressing. We are no closer to understanding the nature of human consciousness, as we are to discovering the hidden capacities of the human being. How then can we ever hope to compete with AI?

But the results of extra sensory perception studies, and new theories from the field of quantum mechanics, consciousness studies, psychology, philosophy, etc., offers us hope, if we are brave enough to take it. Here is a new kind of science that will not invalidate our existence, a science that will strengthen our purpose and meaning.

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