2 min readThe crucial role of your gut in sleep and health

The 4 pounds of bacteria in our gut determines the quality of our sleep, as well as our overall health.

We know from a previous article [read Human Microbiome Creates New Proteins Essential For Health] that inside the gut of every human being is an ecosystem that enables both good and bad bacteria to co-exist. We call this the gut microbiome. We also know that the balance of our gut microbiome has an effect on our overall health. This article written by Dr. Christine Bradstreet takes the discussion further.

As some of us are forced to stay indoors while our cities and countries are on lockdown, some might be experiencing changes in sleeping and eating patterns. Moreover, a number of us may be having trouble keeping focus as an effect of these disruptions, and finding emotional balance may prove to be difficult. Read this article to understand what is happening inside your body, as well as how you can, and why you should address the physical and behavioral issues you are experiencing right now.

Implications for AI

We knew that different parts of the body were interconnected, but until we understand the role of the gut microbiome, then we don’t really understand the extent of our body’s interdependence. 

This article adds a deeper dimension to the complexity of the human body, and also highlights the importance of keeping healthy habits, particularly in situation where we experience disruptions in our daily life. COVID-19 has changed our society, and the continuing climate crisis will prevent us from living our lives in the same way as before. 

As many of us are forced to re-examine our lives and determine what is important for us, may we realize that everything we thought we knew about the world, particularly our physical body, is only a fraction of what it truly is.

The solution to COVID-19 is within our human bodies – no vaccine or government intervention can match the inherent capacity of our bodies to heal itself.

May this article be an instrument in helping us re-discover our balance, for only then will we be able to create a healthier “new normal” that is friendly not only to human societies, but also to the planet in general. 

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