1 min readQuantum physics can help biology answer life’s biggest questions

In this 2015 TED Video, British theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores the intersection between Quantum Physics and Biology.

This article attached below covers the following topics:

  • Definition of quantum physics
  • Areas of study of quantum physics
  • Why life depends on quantum physics
  • Why biologists do not deal with quantum physics despite it being a foundation of life
  • How some ideas of quantum physics can inform or help explain biological realities such as the action of enzymes (through quantum tunneling), photosynthesis (through quantum coherence), and how migratory birds find their way (through quantum entanglement)

Implications for AI

We know from various researches that quantum physics changed our view of reality. It has shown us that nature, and humans as a part of nature, are not physical. That within our nature are a host of other potentialities. Applying quantum physics to biology will radically change the way we look at the human body, and how it has been constructed. [See Quantum Leap of Life for an exploration on how life may have arisen out of the quantum fabric of the universe.]

Through quantum biology, we can immediately see the flaw in the material explanation of life. It shows us that life is still a mystery, despite all we know about it, and human beings, being one of the more advanced expressions of nature, cannot be so easily replicated nor confined to a metal body.

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