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Is it possible for life to have just “appeared” without chemical precedents?

In this short article written by Paul Davies in 2015, he explores the idea that life may have originated from the quantum realm directly, without need for chemical complexity. This goes against the materialist explanation which says that life is a by-product of a series of chemical reactions.

Implications for AI

We have been led to believe that life on Earth is no more than a by-product of a linear chemical process. But the fact that scientists have not found a conclusive explanation for the appearance of life on our planet means that there is still so much more we don’t know about nature. If life indeed came from the “primordial soup”, then scientists would already have been able to re-create it, what with all the breakthroughs in technology we’ve already had.

Hence, one may say that life came somewhere else, and a missing ingredient still needs to be discovered. Is it possible that the appearance of life on earth is a result of quantum entanglement? That there is another planet located millions and trillions out there in the universe which is thriving with life the way we are?

If life indeed arose from the quantum realm directly, then we will be forced to re-evaluate our view of reality – that perhaps our existence in Earth is not simply physical.

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